Maximise business efficiency.
Improve online exposure.
Power bookings.

The Logical Next Step...


Create your very own Bouk social media profile.
Showcase your work instantly across the entire Bouk platform through social posts.
Attract new clients daily through Bouk's live appointment search feature.
Increase your enquiry to booking rare with in-app messaging.
Advertise job vacancies to likeminded individuals in your local beauty community.

Instantly allow potential clients to browse and book services 24/7.
With Bouk's smart location services, clients can view best suited businesses nearby.
Attract new clients through maintaining a high Bouk rating.
Take more time to focus on what matters most. Allow Bouk's management tools to organise your business for you.

Effortlessly add and view each employee column within your own business appointment diary.
Automatically receive bookings from new and existing customers 24/7 via the Bouk platform.
Manually input appointments from phone calls and walk-ins.
Quickly cash out client appointments directly in-app.
Take control with our new Bouk Rating feature. Have your say on your experience with each client.

Transfer your current client directory with ease from any booking system into Bouk.
Store all client data securely within Bouk thanks to our tight encryption security measures.
Track all clients previous appointments, time keeping and reviews from past bookings.
Keep everything you need to know about your clients in one place.
Quickly contact clients via phone call or in-app messaging straight from your client directory.

Easily view main key performance indicators for your business such as revenue, expenses and product sales.
Keep your business financial information safe with staff restrictions.
Download your financial reports in seconds - available in all date formats from daily / weekly / monthly and yearly.
Control and forecast business expenses to improve cash flow.
View product sales by employee to incentivise competition amongst employees.

Add, edit and create new bookable services / treatments for existing and potential clients.
List your services clearly on your business profile available for user browsing 24/7.
Toggle your deposit amounts specifically for each service offered to ensure business security amongst no-shows.
Keep services organised by categorising each service type.
Automatically link the availability of each service to your own business shift planner and room management system.

Give each staff member access to various features within your business profile.
With smart user permissions, business owners have the power to grant / deny employee access to specific features.
Schedule staff shifts with ease through Bouk's personalised shift planning feature.
Dedicate service / treatments to specific rooms with booking limits.

Instantly keep in close contact with clients through in-app messaging.
Personalise your business inbox with your own predetermined filters.
Distribute message workloads between staff members with Bouk filtering.
Easily improve the time and quality of each response through dedicated employee roles and responsibilities.
Send and receive images to clarify a service / treatment or provide that little touch of inspiration to a potential client.